Samitivej Srinakarin Hospitals establish the cooperation with Air Charter Services in order to provide medical evacuation service for the children who are ill, injured, mentally or physically incapacitated from all over the world to our hospital.

This service is complying with the international standard of aviation

Neonatal – Pediatric critical care transport services

Our service is defined by three core service areas;
             •  Ambulance Service (neonate and child)
             •  Mobile Intensive Care Service (NICU and PICU)
             •  Aeromedical Transport Service (neonate and child) domestic and international.
             •  Our aeromedical transportation service is complying with the international standard of aviation.
             •  24 hours services for Neonate & Pediatric Air Ambulance.
             •  Fixed wing & rotor wing dedicated air ambulance.
             •  Domestic & international flights provide.
             •  Bedside to bedside services



We will arrange a complete bed-to-bed service; including ground transportation, medical staff, medical equipment and aircraft, with is configured as a mini intensive care unit to handle BLS, PALS and Critical Care patients, for each flight. Medical staff consisting of NICU or PICU nurse, Neonatologist or Pediatrician and Intensivist is available. All medical crew is customized to the patient’s particular needs. Our team is committed to coordinating safe air medical transports for patients and air medical crew members. Fully equipped with State-of-art medical equipment on board.


The following is a list of our most essential medical equipment:
             •  Cardiac monitor
             •  Multi-parameter monitor
             •  Defibrillator / cardiac pace marker
             •  Transport ventilator
             •  Infusion pump / Syringe pump
             •  Pulse oxymeter
             •  End tidal CO2 monitor
             •  Portable suction unit
             •  ACLS / PALS Medication bags
             •  Transport Infant Incubator

Commercial Medical Escort Service, patients can qualify for this service if the patient can sit in a seat and are a medically stable patient. This service is available Worldwide for all International and domestic air carriers. An airline approved medical staff fly with the patient in First or Business Class on a commercial airliner. 

This service is for patients not in need of critical care measures and requires blocking out rows of seats to allow a stretcher to be placed on the commercial airline. A curtained area would become the patients “room”, we make all of the needed arrangements and use our aero-medical staff and equipment. And we also fly Ventilated Patients and Paralyzed Patients with total lift and transfer services

"Bedside to Bedside", everything is included and additional family or friends can travel with the patient. We make all the arrangements to include; 
             •  Complete full service bedside to bedside
             •  Obtain required medical clearances from the airlines
             •  Coordinate with attending and receiving facilities
             •  Provides medical staffing and equipment as required
             •  All ground transportation

When the medical necessity and cost of a private air ambulance isn‘t necessary and the patient is ambulatory we can provide the assistance of a “medical escort.” Our medical crew will consult with the patient’s Physician(s) then evaluate his/her medical condition as it relates to air travel and advice on the best method of transport.
Trained & experienced medical crew members in Aviation Medicine. 
             •  Medicine.
             •  Neonatologist
             •  Pediatrician
             •  Intensive Pediatrician
             •  Emergency Medicine
             •  Cardiologist
             •  Intensivist
             •  NICU Nurse
             •  PICU Nurse
             •  ICU / CCU Nurse
             •  Flight Nurse


All staff and personnel maintain the latest updates to licensing and credentialing in their respective fields. Our medical personnel must have at least five years experience in critical care and maintain current certifications and licensing from Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). 

Our previous experience


  • 24 hours services for neonate & Pediatric Air Ambulance.
  • Fixed wing & rotor wing dedicated air ambulance.
  • Domestic & international flight provides.
  • Bedside to bedside sevices
Fully equipped with State-of-the-art-art medical equipment onboard
  • Incubator
    • Air-Shieds TI 500 Globe-Troter
    • Air-Shields Isolette TI 500
  • Ventilator
  • Infusion pump & Syringe pump
  • Multi- parameter monitor: ECG, SpO2, IBP, NIBP, EtCO2
Medical personnel on board to offer the highest standard of quality care consisting of
  • Neo-natologist, Pediatrician, Intentive Pediatrician, NICU Nurse, PICU Nurse, Flight Nurse.
  • All medical crew was trained & experienced in Aviation Medicine.
Aeromedical Transport Department Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital 488 Srinakarin Road Suanluang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Phone: +662 378 9000
Mobile: +66 2 731 7044
E-mail wallop.j@samitivej.co.th, referral@samitivej.co.th


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