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Surgical Team

At the core of any hospital is a team of experienced doctors who work together towards two common goals - to save life and/or to improve one’s quality of life. The majority of surgeons at Samitivej are accredited through the American Board of Surgery (ABS) or the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ). Organ transplants, abdominal surgery, cardiac surgery, and esthetic care using minimally invasive techniques help for faster recovery time and reduce costs. Our integrated care team ensures that our patient’s physical, mental and support systems are working together to produce a holistic outcome.

Daniel Chang: Experienced the safe and fast recovery from the lung surgery
“I experienced a spontaneous pneumothorax twice within 8 months while studying at the University of Illinois in the USA. Upon my return from the USA, my parents brought me to see Dr. Sawang who conducted a series of thorough medical exams and concluded that surgery on my right lung was necessary in order to prevent reoccurrence. The operation was performed by Dr. Viboon on 29th May, 2007. It was a success; I experienced a stable recovery period and was discharged home two days later.”

Pediatric Team

At Samitivej, our pediatricians not only understand your child’s needs but also yours as a parent. They enjoy partnering with you to ensure your child’s growing years to be one of good health and good memories. Our pediatric team of various specialties and surgeons are trained from general to complex treatments such as bone marrow transplant. Working with our obstetricians, our team will ensure safe delivery and healthy childhood.

Anita and James Sutherland: Mathur-experienced a wonderful little miracle
“My wife was unable to conceive naturally despite going through IVF three times before at various private clinics in the UK. We then met with Dr. Boonsaeng, who expertly enlightened us on the IVF (ICSI) procedure at Samitivej Hospital and rekindled our hopes in its benefits. Our beautiful son was born in January, 2007. We would like to reiterate our thanks to Dr. Boonsaeng, the nurses, and the International Relations staff at Samitivej for their fantastic support, which led to our wonderful little miracle.”

Women’s Health Team

As women age, their bodies undergo tremendous changes and each stage of life corresponds to specific healthcare needs. At Samitivej, we have an all-women’s medical team from various specialty areas. Each is fully trained and experienced in woman’s changing healthcare needs. We also recognize that not all healthcare needs are stereotypically feminine in nature. Heart diseases, diabetes, lung disorders, and sports injuries strike both sexes. Samitivej’s Female team of doctors and health professionals can provide the best care regardless of the diagnosis.

Patcharanat Buranarus: Experienced happy ending for intimate discretion
“As a woman, it was kind of embarrassed to talk about certain health problems with male doctors. When I had frequent urination and abdominal pain, I was too embarrassed to talk to anybody even my closest friends. I was glad that Samitivej had the women doctors I could talk to about any health problem. Turned out that I had urethritis and the doctor could take care of it immediately. I don’t have to be embarrassed anymore, thank you Samitivej.”
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